Maldonado dreaming of a Venezuelan GP

Friday 13-September-2013 06:41

With Mexico set to be included in next year's schedule, Pastor Maldonado is hoping that a Venezuelan F1 race is just around the corner.

Next season Mexico is expected to return to the calendar for the first time since 1992, sparking hope in Maldonado that should the race prove to be a success, his own country could jump on the bandwagon.

According to the Williams driver, there are plans are in place to build a Formula One race track, however they won't be realised until after Mexico's return.

"It's very good because Mexico is a great market for the sport, there is a big fan community there and it's going to be a very successful GP," he told Autosport.

"It's so great to be close to home, and why not in the future have a Venezuelan Grand Prix?

"Everything is possible; let's see how the Mexican GP goes and then we need to sit down and check if we can do that."

He added: "We have some good plans to [build a track] but at the moment the plan is not concrete.

"We need to wait for the Mexican GP to happen. If that goes in a good way, maybe Venezuela can enter the season."

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