Williams slapped with another hefty fine

Friday 25-October-2013 16:33

Following on from their Japanese €60,000 fine for a loose wheel, Williams have again been hit with the same fine for the same offense.

Putting in the laps of the Buddh International Circuit on Friday afternoon, the front right wheel fastener on Pastor Maldonado's car came loose after it had been cross threaded.

As the fastener rolled across the track and out of harms way, Maldonado's front right rubbed against the brake ducts causing the tyre to deflate.

The incident comes in the wake of the Venezuelan driver's loose wheel in Japan for which Williams were also fined.

"Examination of the parts concerned revealed that the wheel fastener had been cross threaded, thus not engaging the primary retaining plunger," the FIA statement read.

"This is a breach of Article 23.12 of FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations as the car was released in an unsafe condition. The secondary retaining plunger failed to keep the wheel fastener in place. This is breach of Article 14.7 of the FIA Formula One Technical Regulations.

"The Stewards noted that in this case the wheel had been retained on the car (unlike the similar incident in Suzuka two weeks ago) and that the cross threading of the wheel fastener contributed to the fastener coming off the car."

The FIA statement went on to explain that while this was the team's second offence, as the wheel remained on the car the fine was not increased.

"Whilst the Stewards accept that improvements to the wheel retaining system had been implemented the team need to ensure that both the wheel and its fastener are fully retained on the car.

"The Stewards decide that a fine of €60,000 is the most appropriate penalty in this case taking into account this was the second offence, but on this occasion the wheel was retained."

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