Bernie has doubts about NJ and Mexico

Monday 04-November-2013 04:59

Bernie Ecclestone has refused to rule out New Jersey and Mexico but says he has "personal doubts" about whether they'll take place.

Although New Jersey and Mexico were included on the provisional 2014 calendar, rumours about both events were alive from the get-go.

According to the latest reports, neither event will take place next season with the teams wanting the number down to 20.

However, for now, Ecclestone isn't saying whether New Jersey and Mexico are definitely out.

"What's in the calendar? Twenty two. That's what's in the current calendar," said the 83-year-old.

"Until the calendar is really finalised, I don't [expect that]. I have personal doubts, they're personal."

Pressed about New Jersey's future, he said: "I doubt that it's going to happen. It's not definite if it will or it won't but I doubt if it does."

And Mexico isn't faring any better.

"Probably not," Ecclestone said when asked if the race would take place. "Wait until the World Council meetings when the calendar will be fixed."

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