Fry happy with new windtunnel

Wednesday 06-November-2013 12:04

The new Ferrari windtunnel is already producing encouraging results, engineering director Pat Fry revealed on Wednesday.

Ferrari shut down its tunnel in Maranello last year in order to fix the correlation problems that were troubling the facility and used Toyota's windtunnel in Cologne for much of the season.

"It's being 100 per cent used now, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the normal thing," Fry told Autosport when he was asked whether the new facility is fully operational.

"We have been back in there for a few weeks.

"It is reasonable although it takes time for you realise how good a tool is.

"We have certainly made some reasonable improvements there.

"Time will tell if we are exactly where we would like to be but the signs are good at the moment."

In order to ensure that the new Maranello tunnel is producing accurate results, Ferrari are conducting a specific set of tests that should produce the same results as where achieved at the Cologne facility.

"There are the normal things of repeatability, so we do a lot more repeats of things," Fry continued.

"Some of the things we've done at Toyota, we are also doing - step changes trying to check it has got the same trends - and so far so good.

"Aero still remains a very dominant factor next year as well.

"It is still going to be very important although the balance towards engines is higher than it currently is, especially as you have to get it right at the start.

"You need your power unit package as good as you can at race one because it's quite difficult to upgrade it in the season."

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