Ferrari's aim is to win - Allison

Tuesday 19-November-2013 11:12

Ferrari Technical Director James Allison is confident that the Maranello team will return to championship-winning ways in the coming years after a transitional 2013 season.

Some major changes in terms of wind tunnel updates and appointments to its technical team - including Allison's recruitment from Lotus - took place at Ferrari this year, and Allison is confident that the work he is doing alongside director of engineering Pat Fry will leave the team in good stead in the near future.

"I've, first of all, been very fortunate to arrive at Ferrari at a point in their cycle when a lot of the changes necessary to return to the front rank - I mean right at the front rank, i.e. winning championships - a lot of the changes necessary to do that have been put in place by Pat Fry," Allison told ESPN.

"I think I'm particularly lucky to have arrived and been able to benefit from those investments rather than having to start them from scratch. There is much more to be done but I'm a lucky chap to be picking up where I am."

The former Lotus designer admitted that making predictions for next season, when several new regulations come into effect, is difficult, be he believes the 'big' teams will still come out on top.

"Ferrari's target is always to win. As far as how next year will work out, I think that the size of the rule change means that there will be some unanticipated reshuffling of the pack in terms of where all the teams will find themselves in the pecking order," he continued.

"However, I think - notwithstanding the size of the changes - over the years it's been fairly clear that the teams, although they're hundreds of people in different places end up producing cars independent of one another that come together and are very competitive with one another and I would expect that to be true next year as well.

"I would also imagine that the first half of next year is likely to be heavily affected by reliability. Next year's rule changes are big enough, just in terms of the configuration of the car but they also place a much much higher burden of reliability on us as well."

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