Ferrari hold the power - Montezemolo

Wednesday 27-November-2013 11:43

Ferrari might not have won many titles of late, but they still hold the most power on the paddock, according to the manufacturer's president Luca di Montezemolo.

The previous time Ferrari won a Drivers' Championship was in 2007 when Kimi Raikkonen narrowly triumphed, but Montezemolo told the RAI Uno television channel that it remains a key component of the sport.

"We have reached an agreement with [FI supremo Bernie] Ecclestone and the FIA and we are the only team with the right of veto: more political weight than that is impossible," said Montezemolo.

"We are aware of our strength in Formula One, which without us, would be completely different. Having said that, it's true that weight also comes from having a winning car and that was lacking. The rest is all gossip."

Montezemolo also laughed off Ecclestone's suggestion that Red Bull boss Christian Horner is the ideal person to succeed him at the summit of the sport.

"Ecclestone sees Horner as his successor? As the years go by, he more and more enjoys making jokes and I'm happy he still has the desire to do so."

Montezemolo also blamed Ferrari's third place finish in the Constructors' Championship behind Mercedes on the penalty Felipe Massa received in Brazil for repeatedly crossing the lane at the pit lane entry.

"I think it was disproportionate and unjust, as was [Lewis] Hamilton's," Montezemolo continued.

"If Felipe had stayed in fourth place, we would have been second in the Constructors' Championship.

"Every so often, the gentlemen who come to the races to act as stewards make decisions that are a bit ridiculous and anachronistic. One needs to be careful that we maintain credibility, for the work of the teams that invest money and for the drivers who risk their lives."

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