Newey calls for higher weight limit

Tuesday 03-December-2013 13:52

Red Bull Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey believes the Formula One rule-makers should increase the allowed weight limit by 10kgs to prevent taller drivers from being penalised.

The weight limit for the 2015 season has already been raised to 700kg, a 10kg increase, but several teams have called for the change to be pushed forward by a year.

For the 700kg limit to be allowed in 2014, the Formula One teams have to be in unanimous agreement and according to Autosport, one team has refused.

"I think it should be changed," Newey told Autosport.

"All teams bar one did vote for that weight limit to be increased and it has to be unanimous - but there was one team that objected to it."

Tall drivers, like Jenson Button and Nico Hulkenberg have already voiced their concerns about the weight limits, and Newey believes the new rules are simply are too stringent.

"The power trains are heavy and I think that is an unfortunate aspect," he continued.

"For the very heavy drivers, I can't really see how the teams are going to get down to the weight limit.

"You can look at that two ways and say, well, if you weigh 15 stone you don't ever expect to be a jockey and if you weigh seven stone you don't ever expect to be a rugby player.

"But I think in this particular case where kids have got into it as drivers from karting, there has never been a big premium in recent years - ever since the weight of the car included the driver - to penalise heavy drivers.

"To suddenly introduce that for next year is very unfortunate."

However, Autosport reports that the issue will again be tabled at the next Formula One Strategy Group meeting, which is scheduled to take place next week.

"In spite of the agreement in the last Strategy Group meeting [to raise the weight for 2015], should the overall car weight be increased for 2014 in order to allow drivers of all weights to compete 'on a level playing field'?" and item on the agenda notes.

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