F1 to introduce double points, cost cap

Monday 09-December-2013 20:19

The FIA has announced that double points will be awarded for the final race of the season from 2014 onwards, while a cost cap will be introduced in 2015.

The double points - counting towards the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships - are being introduced in the hope of maintaining interest in the title race until the end of the campaign by providing an opportunity for the standings to change dramatically in the final grand prix.

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel won with five races to go in 2011 and with four left in 2013 - a scenario the FIA appear keen to avoid in the future.

Meanwhile, the plan is also to introduce a cost cap from 2015 - though the details are yet to be finalised.

Previous attempts at introducing such a cap have been met with resistance - primarily from Red Bull - but the idea was approved at a meeting of F1's strategy group on Monday, with the FIA, six of the 11 teams and commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone all present.

An FIA statement read: "The principle of a global cost cap has been adopted. The limit will be applied from January 2015.

"A working group will be established within the coming days comprising the FIA, representatives of the commercial rights holder and team representatives.

"The objective of the working group will be to have regulations approved by the end of June 2014."

Other regulation changes agreed upon include the allocation of numbers to drivers throughout their careers - largely a marketing and merchandising exercise - and the adoption of a new five-second penalty for minor infringements.

The World Champion in any given year will have the number one reserved for him, while a situation in which two drivers want the same number will be decided by giving it to the one who finished higher in the previous year's championship.

Finally, a tyre test taking place from 17-19 December was also approved on safety grounds in order to give Pirelli an opportunity to assess plans for next season.

Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Force India and Toro Rosso will all take part in the test.

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