Pit stop rule change rejected

Tuesday 10-December-2013 09:04

Formula One's rulemakers have introduced a raft of rule changes, but two were rejected by the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

It was last week revealed that there are plans to introduce two mandatory pit stops at all grand prix for 2014, however, the idea was not accepted by the teams at Monday's meeting of F1's Strategy Group and Commission.

Outgoing Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn was one of those who opposed it, with the Briton telling Autosport it is wrong to force drivers to use a specific strategy.

"We could have regulations that say mandatory stops but as soon as you start messing about with the strategy from a management point of view... if you said 'what is wrong with it?', I couldn't tell you but intuitively I don't think it is right to have a regulated number of pitstops."

Another rule that won't be changed is the minimum weight limit as it will remain at the 690kg mark for next year.

The FIA wanted to raise it by 10kg following complaints from taller drivers like Jenson Button that they are disadvantaged as the new 1.6-litre turbos coupled with extensive energy recovery systems will make cars heavier.

Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus - three of the six teams on the strategy group - rejected the proposal.

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