FIA tightens testing rules

Sunday 15-December-2013 13:46

There is unlikely to be a repeat of this year's testing debacle in 2014 after the FIA closed any loopholes in the regulations.

Mercedes found themselves in hot water this year after they conducted a 'private' tyre test with Pirelli after the Spanish Grand Prix. Their rivals Red Bull and Ferrari both lodged protests.

The Brackley-based squad was found guilty of breaking the rules and were reprimanded and banned from the Young Driver Test.

In an attempt to avoid a similar situation next year, motorsport's governing body have confirmed the rules for the 2014 campaign and teams are now allowed a maximum of four two-day tests between the first and last race of the season.

The tests can only take place at circuits that has already hosted a race, but they can't host it within 36 hours of the next race.

"In the interests of providing the appointed tyre supplier with access to current F1 cars for the purposes of tyre development, all teams will be obliged to allocate one date from amongst the eight in-season test days for testing tyres," the rules state.

It adds the requirements:

- Allocation of dates will be negotiated with the appointed tyre supplier, who will give priority to teams according to their positions in the previous year's championship.

- Allocations must be declared by each team to the FIA before the start of the first Event of the Championship and may not be subsequently changed.

- The team must test tyres on the allocated day according to run plan defined by the appointed tyre supplier.

- The run plans and results for each day of tyre testing must be made available to all teams.

- Tyres used during such testing day will not be drawn from the team's annual allocation of tyres for testing.

Mercedes used their race drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at the Spanish test and both drivers wore black helmets, but next year the teams will be forced to make it clear who is testing.

In order that an FIA observer may be appointed, competitors must inform the FIA of any planned TCC or PE at least 72 hours before it is due to commence, the following information should be provided:

i) The precise specification of the car(s) to be used.

ii) The name(s) of the driver(s) if known.

iii) The nature of the test.

iv) The date(s) and intended duration of the test.

v) The purpose of the test.

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