Irvine slams 'tinsel town bulls***' rule

Thursday 19-December-2013 09:36

Eddie Irvine has lashed out at the FIA's decision to introduce double-points finish for the season finale.

In an attempt to keep the World Championships alive until the last grand prix of the year, the FIA has announced that both the winning driver and team will receive double points at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2014.

Defending World Champion Sebastian Vettel has described the rule as "absurd", but new Force India recruit Sergio Perez is confident it won't devalue F1, adding that "the best will come out on top".

However, former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine didn't mince his words when it came to describing how he felt about the new regulation.

"I think Formula One has lost its way. This latest rule of double points for the last race is insanity. That actually made me realise I am not going to watch another race until that rule gets kicked out. That is just embarrassing. It really is. They should be ashamed of themselves," he told the Belgian Telegraph.

"I just think the people involved in these decisions have lost the plot. They have no understanding of reality and the people who are in there have been in too long. They have blown up the history of the sport by changing the points, changing the qualifying and now double points for the final race!"

He added: "It's ridiculous, I've never heard such a joke in all my life. Talk about tinsel town bulls***!"

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