Di Montezemolo: Simulators a joke

Saturday 28-December-2013 06:27

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has labelled F1 simulators a "joke" and would like to see the sport rely more on on-track testing.

Although next year's Championship will include several post-grand prix tests, in-season testing was banned back in 2009 in an attempt to curb costs.

The teams instead switched to simulators, plugging big money in the designs, which di Montezemolo says are more expensive than running out on track.

"It is a joke," the Ferrari president told Autosport. "We have been forced to invest a huge amount of money in these terrible machines, artificial, instead of testing here [at Fiorano] and Mugello.

"If somebody has no money to do tests, it is better to race in GP2, in go karts or go and play basketball. I want to do testing to first of all give new drivers the possibility to drive cars and get experience.

"But I also want to give more opportunities to the public because from one race weekend to another it is silent in F1. There is nothing, nothing.

"Testing is also a good opportunity for the sponsors, to call the public. And tests are less expensive than building and developing every month the terrible simulator. This is something we have to discuss for the future."

The Italian added that banning - or limiting - testing has hurt Formula One and played a direct role in this year's Pirelli tyre drama.

"I think in soccer if you want to compete in the Champions' League, you have to buy good players, you have to train sometimes even five times in a day. This is competition.

"I think that it is ridiculous that in F1, from one side, we are not allowed to test, and from the other side we are forced to spend a huge amount of money in the windtunnel in which we develop aerodynamics that I cannot transfer any of to my [road] cars.

"I don't want it to seem that I am a conservative old fan of F1. I think if we were allowed to do more testing, the scandal of the tyres [in 2013] would not have happened because even for Pirelli it is very difficult as they cannot do too many tests."

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