Dan hopes to benefit from new rules

Sunday 29-December-2013 07:47

Daniel Ricciardo is hoping that next year's new regulations will hand him a chance to challenge Sebastian Vettel.

In 2014 Ricciardo will have the difficult task of partnering four-time World Champion Vettel at Red Bull Racing.

The German not only dominated the field but also his team-mate Mark Webber and in 2013 alone won 13 grands prix while Webber did not manage even one.

However, next season there is the possiblity of the playing field being levelled a bit as F1 undergoes a major rule changes.

"He has been so dominant with the car over the last few years. If there were no changes, then he would probably continue to be dominant," Ricciardo told Autosport.

"At least with this change now it could make the playing field a bit more even.

"Hopefully he's not as dominant with this new package as he has been.

"It definitely brings some things more into my favour."

However, for the Aussie to stand any chance of matching Vettel, he concedes he going to need to up his own game.

"On that front, I guess I have still got some things to catch up on but let's just hope I can do that quickly.

"Having the team around me will fast-track that as well given their level of experience.

"Hopefully they can bring me up quickly and then I will do everything I can to get up to his level in terms of the technical stuff.

"But naturally it will take a little bit of time."

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