'Bulls stand to lose the most'

Thursday 02-January-2014 08:15

Adrian Newey believes Red Bull will take a hit this year when changes to the exhaust regulations put an end to them being used to increase downforce.

Along with new engine regulations, this year's Championship will also see a change to the rules regarding exhausts.

Teams may only use a single tailpipe that has to be angled upwards. This will put an end to exhaust gases being used for aerodynamic effect.

And Newey feels Red Bull will be hardest hit by the new rules.

"There is almost no effect from the exhaust with the further single pipe exit position and the fact that the turbocharger takes a lot of the energy in any case, so there's virtually nothing left," he told James Allen On F1.

"We've probably done a better job than our competitors in developing the best use of the exhaust position from the current restriction, so unfortunately we stand to lose the most again."

As for the other changes, the Red Bull technical guru says the narrower front wing will be a "big change" along with the new 1.6-litre V6 engines.

"I think the big problem next year will particularly be the narrow front wing, which is a big change.

"100mm off the front wing (i.e. narrower) doesn't sound very much but it's actually a big change because it puts the endplate right in the middle of the front tyre now, so I think on the straight aero side trying to recover from that is going to be one of the big challenges.

"In addition there's the whole challenge of packaging the engine. The power unit, I should say, is now a very complicated beast. It's a sort of two or threefold jump in complication compared with installing a V8."

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