Whiting against minimum pit stop time

Saturday 11-January-2014 07:18

Charlie Whiting has ruled out introducing minimum time for pit stops, saying it would be a "bad move."

Last year the idea was touted when an FOM cameraman was injured when he was hit by a loose wheel from Mark Webber's Red Bull racer.

Considering the safety of those in the pit lane, several ideas were put forward including implementing a minimum for pit stops was put forward.

However, F1 race director Whiting says that rule wouldn't change the situation.

"It's been discussed but it's not something that's likely to happen, definitely not," he told NBC.

"I think that would be a bad move and I don't think it would achieve anything.

"I think obviously the incident with Mark Webber's wheel in the Nurburgring started quite a lot of discussion.

"It's all driven by the quest for speed, but I don't think if you had a mandatory minimum pit stop time it would change anything.

"They would still change the wheels quickly and you'd have the rather odd sight of a car just sitting there for the rest of the time."

Speaking about what changes the FIA had pushed through to prevent a similar incident as what happened in Germany, he added: "We have made it compulsory to have the button on the gun has to be in a position where the operator has to make a distinct move to say 'yes I'm done' where before they could just slide their thumb across and just say I'm done.

"Each gun has a button which the operator presses to say he's done so then the jack men get two green lights on the end of the car, drop the car, then the guy releasing the car sees two green jacks.

"We've also introduced an override on the pit wall which is saying that nothing can happen until he takes his finger off the button as well."

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