Berger: That's fate, nothing else

Sunday 12-January-2014 09:39

Gerhard Berger says one cannot suggest that Michael Schumacher was taking risks when he went skiing with his family two weeks ago.

The seven-time World Champ remains in the Grenoble University Hospital where his condition is still believed to be stable but critical although there have been no updates from the family or doctors for a week.

The police spoke to the media last Wednesday where they revealed that the inquiry is "progressing well" and that speed was not a factor in the crash.

The accident is undoubtedly the worst Schumacher has ever endured despite having started 307 Formula One grands prix.

"That's fate, nothing else," Berger told Auto Motor und Sport.

"I know this from personal experience as I had a car accident, suffered a broken neck and had the insane luck that a car with all the survival equipment sat behind me with two emergency physicians from Germany in it.

"They had randomly turned onto the road because they wanted to go eat. That saved my life.

"Just as you cannot prevent a fall while skiing in which he hit his head on a rock. There are some things you cannot influence."

As for suggestions that race drivers are 'generally willing to take risks', Berger added: "Complete nonsense.

"When Michael Schumacher was driving on a race track with the bike then you could say that. But if he goes skiing with his family, then this could happen to anyone."

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