Ecclestone vows to return

Friday 17-January-2014 06:18

Bernie Ecclestone is adamant he will be back on the F1 board the "minute the court case is over."

On Thursday, a Munich prosecutor announced that the F1 supremo will stand trial in April to answer charges of bribery.

Ecclestone is accused of paying former German banker Gerhard Gribkowsky a £29million bribe in relation to the sale of Formula One to CVC.

That announcement was soon followed by news that Ecclestone had stepped down as a director of F1's parent company Delta Topco, however, he will continue with the day to day running of the sport.

However, any suggestion that this is the beginning of the end of his hold on F1 has been dismissed as "complete nonsense" by the F1 supremo.

Speaking to Press Association Sport, the 83-year-old said: "Everybody on the board is more than a million per cent supportive. They just want me to get on with doing what I always do.

"The minute the court case is over then I'll be back on the board again."

He added: "All that's happened is a few months ago we decided that if I had to appear in court, during that period I would stand down from my role as a director of Delta Topco.

"For Formula One Management it's the same as before. There is no change at all.

"It's just that if I wanted to buy something I can't do it without board approval, but when it comes to races, circuits, it will be as we've always done. It will be the same thing."

As for the upcoming trial, Ecclestone maintains his innocence.

"I know I'm not guilty. That's for sure. Now whether I get convicted is another story.

"But all the (English) lawyers say this (going to trial) should never, ever have happened, and the German lawyers are saying the same thing, that there is no case."

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