Hill backing double points finale

Monday 20-January-2014 06:09

Damon Hill has spoken out in support of the new double points rule, saying anything that spices of the Championship is good for the sport.

This season - for the first time - double points will be awarded at the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The new regulation has been implemented in a bid to keep things exciting until the very last lap of the season after Sebastian Vettel romped to an easy victory in 2013.

And although most are not in favour, calling it artificial, Hill says it is needed.

"It's going to be unpredictable with double points proposed in the final race of the season," the 1996 World Champion told The Times of India.

"It will make things exciting. I've heard a lot of people say it's stupid but why isn't it a good idea? Maybe it's a great idea. It's all artificial anyway.

"The Championship is likely to go down the wire this time. Anything that increases the chances for somebody else [to become Champion] is a good thing.

"The greater the unpredictability, the more attractive it becomes."

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