Williams secure long-term future

Monday 20-January-2014 08:13

Williams may have had a tough time last season but Claire Williams is confident those trials have helped secure the team's "long-term future"

Last season was arguably one of the worst in recent times for Williams as the Formula One team secured just five points, least of all the established teams.

However, it was a year for change as well.

Not only did the team sign a deal to use Mercedes engines that comes into effect this season, they also brought in Pat Symonds to head the technical department and then signed Felipe Massa for 2014.

And Williams, the team's deputy team principal, believes those will be the stepping stones towards a brighter future.

"Everything that we have done is all about securing the long-term future of Williams, not just the future of it but working towards its future success," she told Autosport.

"Everything we have done is thought very strategically through to make sure it is sustainable and will take Williams into the future.

"Rather than taking rash decision or decisions that are sticking plasters, it's a very strategic approach. The Mercedes deal is a long-term arrangement.

"We have stability with our driver line-up, which we are excited about. And the senior management team at board level is also stable and that will remain stable into the longer term as well.

"The engineering side, led by Pat, is all about long-term stability and succession planning.

"We had some shocking results, but people still kept fighting.

"We have done so much work to change how we operate to make sure that we ensure the future of the team."

The team has also subsequently signed revamped their engineering department by signing Jakob Andreasen, Craig Wilson and Rod Nelson.

"We are so lucky that in times of adversity we stay together and keep fighting.

"Now there is this sense of momentum that there is change happening and everyone is pushing that bit harder.

"The biggest thing I have learned is about the mindset of this team and how impressive people at Williams are in their tenacity."

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