Bernie: Double points finale here to stay

Tuesday 21-January-2014 12:02

No matter the complaints, double points will definitely be awarded at this year's Abu Dhabi GP, that's according to Bernie Ecclestone.

Last month the FIA announced that this year's season finale would see double points awarded in a bid to keep the Championship alive to the final hurdle.

The announcement did not go down well with many with drivers, team bosses and F1 personalities calling it "absurd" and "artificial."

But no matter how much they complain, the rule will stand.

"It will happen for sure," Ecclestone told AutoWeek. "I didn't say it will get vetoed. Nobody can veto it.

"It has been approved by the Formula One Commission. It has been approved by the World Council."

The F1 supremo admitted that there may have been some confusion about the rule would be implemented after he put it on the table for the next Strategy Group meeting.

However, in that meeting, Ecclestone wants to talk about extending it.

"I have got it on the agenda for the next meeting," said the 83-year-old. "I want to start three races again."

But, he added, "three races is more difficult. If everybody that has entered the Championship agrees we could do it now.

"We need unanimous agreement with the teams that have entered the Championship."

Explaining why he is in favour of the double points rule, he said the "problem is that I don't think they have bothered to think about why I want to do this. They think it's no good for me.

"It's like when Sebastian [Vettel] said 'I work hard all the year and then I get near to the end and somebody else wins that race, gets double points and I'm really screwed.' I said to him, 'it could be you that gets double points and it's somebody else who has worked hard all year.'

"I said, 'don't be too sure that you are going to have an easy year next year, either.' He might be very happy.

"There is nothing wrong with it for anybody. It is the same for everybody."

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