Lotus show off their E22

Friday 24-January-2014 12:19

On a day of tit-for-tat, Lotus' latest salvo has been to release a picture of their E22 just minutes after McLaren's official launch.

Perhaps in a mood after reportedly losing Boullier to McLaren, Lotus pipped McLaren's big day by announcing the departure of the Frenchman.

That was followed by a tweet asking fans if they were "already tired of the #McLarenMP429 launch" and urging them to stick with Lotus.

Already tired of the #McLarenMP429 launch? Ok, best stay tuned as our #E22 is set to unveil its true colours soon...

- Lotus F1 Team (@Lotus_F1Team) January 24, 2014

However, it didn't stop there.

Less than four minutes after McLaren unveiled their new car, Lotus released a picture of their's.

Feeling a bit put out are they?

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