McLaren's rear raises eyebrows

Thursday 30-January-2014 09:33

While the unsightly noses on this year's cars have been a topic of much discussion, the rear of McLaren's innovative new MP4-29 has been the talk of the paddock in Jerez this week.

In what has been labeled an 'ingenious trick' by German publication Auto Motor und Sport, the Woking team has mimicked the now-banned wing profiles beneath the main wing with a unique design of their rear suspension.

While the official Formula One website suggested that the design "is considered legal by the FIA", Auto Motor und Sport suggested in its report that its legality remains debatable for the time being, at least.

"It will be interesting to see if Charlie Whiting is responsive," the report said.

"If he does not object, the competition will have to catch up quickly."

Since re-designing the entire rear suspension layout is an arduous task, it comes as no surprise that Red Bull's technical wizard believes McLaren's solution is illegal.

"I have not seen the photos," he said, "but as it is described, it sounds as though there are eight suspension elements, where only six are allowed.

"Moreover, there are clear rules for the width of the suspension."

Newey's Ferrari counterpart James Allison stopped short of claiming that the design was illegal, but admitted that he would like to study it closer.

"All I've seen are some blurry pictures," Allison said.

"I would like to know more about it because it does interest me."

According to the Auto Motor und Sport report, FIA gave the McLaren "the green light" to continue with their design at some point last season.

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