FIA question nose safety

Saturday 01-February-2014 11:27

The FIA have reportedly asked all the teams to submit information regarding their cars' noses amidst safety concerns.

This season, in light of the new regulations lowering the tip of the nose, the Formula One teams have all produced rather ugly cars.

Featuring sharp dips at the very tip, the noses have been likened to vacuum cleaners, platypus and fingers.

Aesthetics aside, the FIA are concerned about the structural integrity of the noses amidst fears that they may not provide adequate protection.

According to Autosport, motorsport's governing body has written to the teams asking for technical details comparing last year's noses to this year's.

The teams have been requested to hand over "cross sectional areas of the nose, taken vertically and normal the car centre line, at points 50mm, 150mm and 300mm back from the tip of the nose itself.

"The same cross-sections as above showing the construction of the parts in the relevant sections.

"In both cases we are only interested in the nose itself, not the front wing or hangers."

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