Rosberg: More thoughtful than fast

Monday 03-February-2014 09:21

Despite wanting to race flat out, Nico Rosberg concedes the new regulations mean Formula One will slow down this season.

The Mercedes drivers and his rivals had a taste of the new Formula One last week when they spent four days putting in the laps at Jerez.

Mercedes had the best mileage as Rosberg and team-mate Lewis Hamilton covered 309 laps compared to Ferrari's 251, McLaren's 245 and Red Bull's 21.

However, it was anything but an easy week for Rosberg who admits it is taking a bit of time to adjust to the new regulations.

"It is a challenge. It is a new page in the book. It is so complicated," he told the official F1 website.

"When I was in the car on day two, the mileage was good, but boy, it was a fight in the cockpit. The tyres wouldn't come up to temperature and we were going so slow - like GP2 times - so we have to adjust to all that. Only work will get you there.

"There are so many variables that my expectation is that it will be a very thrilling season. It will become somewhat of a science when to overtake and when to save fuel to be right there at the chequered flag."

And saving fuel will be vital this season as drivers are now limited to just 100kgs of fuel per grand prix, roughly 60kgs down on what they used last season.

As a result, Rosberg admits going flat out could be a thing of the past.

"I would like to go faster than last year," he said, "but that is not going to be the case. That's a bit of a downside in 2014."

Asked whether those winning grands prix will be the ones 'smart enough to go slow', the German added: "It will play a part, yes. Of course a racer always wants to go flat out, but I also find it a challenge to get the most out of this new situation.

"It's a fact that in the last few years we weren't always going flat out - the last time I can remember that was probably 2006 - so we are pretty conditioned lately to taking care of this, taking care of that. I think what we have now is a tribute to the direction that the world has taken.

"We all have to be more thoughtful. We are a sport but we also have to keep those things in mind. When I did almost 100 laps (on Wednesday in Jerez) I used probably one third less fuel than a year ago - so that is a good direction."

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