Mateschitz doubts budget cap

Monday 03-February-2014 11:30

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz believes Formula One would have a hard time implementing a budget cap.

Last year, with Formula One facing yet another year of rising costs, the FIA announced that in 2015 all teams would have to adhere to a budget cap in 2015.

However, already several F1 personalities have questioned how it would work with Mateschitz the latest.

"To enforce a budget cap you have to clearly state what is included and what not - what about marketing, drivers' salaries etc?" he told Autosport.

"And what if you are a manufacturer and can hide several expenses in other budgets?"

The Austrian also questioned why, at a time when teams are looking to cut costs, F1 agreed to a major overhaul of the engine regulations which are costing millions more.

"Given all the costs the manufacturers and teams had to take by the new engine formula, we spent close to a billion euros all together.

"Is there any questioning on this?

"And the windtunnel hours: we use an existing work tool that is already there, so what?

"These expenses are clearly less than those for new rules and engines."

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