Bernie to offer whistleblower reward

Sunday 09-February-2014 11:52

When the budget cap comes into effect in 2015, any whistleblower with evidence of teams breaking it will be rewarded with €1 million.

Next year the Formula One teams will be forced to adhere to a $200 million budget cap in an attempt to curb the spiralling costs of competing in F1.

But, as has been proven into the past, it is difficult to police such a cap prompting Bernie Ecclestone to offer a reward to anyone who provides evidence of teams cheating.

"The plan under consideration is to give €1 million to any whistleblower whose knowledge is proved to be accurate," the 83-year-old told the Daily Express.

"We will then say to the team that the following year you will lose three of the maximum points you have scored. Then let's see if they want to cheat."

As for the budget cap, the F1 supremo was adamant it would definitely go ahead although details of what it included still needed to be hashed out.

"We have approved the budget cap. It is going to happen. Everyone agreed to $200 million.

"What hasn't been agreed is what is in the $200 million. Unless we include everything, I am sure people will find ways around it. It's going to be difficult."

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