Di Resta, Hamilton settle out of court

Tuesday 11-February-2014 09:24

Paul di Resta and his former manager Anthony Hamilton have settled their legal dispute out of court.

Di Resta and Hamilton ended their business relationship last year over a failed sponsorship deal, with the former Formula One driver claiming that Hamilton misled him over the financial details involved.

After he was dismissed, the father of former World Champion Lewis Hamilton then accused the Scot of breach of contract.

While the details of the proposed deal wasn't confirmed, it is understood that Di Resta was set to make something in the region of 5.5million euro from a sponsorship by energy drink brand Go Fast.

However, it is alleged that Hamilton advised him that it would cost an estimated 2million euro to buy out the sponsorship rights from his then-team Force India. Hamilton was then sacked from his role when Di Resta allegedly learned that the cost of the rights would only be half the quoted amount.

During the hearing in the London high court at the end of last year, Hamilton testified that Di Resta had become 'fixated' with the opportunity to make a lot of money, while the Scot responded by calling the proposed deal a 'scam'.

After Hamilton's evidence was ridiculed in court, the pair settled their dispute independently, although no further details of the deal has been released.

"This has been a difficult year and I am just pleased to put it behind me and to concentrate on my racing," Di Resta said.

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