Schu camera to blame for cracked helmet?

Sunday 16-February-2014 10:06

Michael Schumacher's helmet camera may have contributed to his helmet shattering, resulting in brain trauma.

The seven-time World Champion remains at the Grenoble hospital in France where doctors are continuing with the process of waking him up from a medically induced coma.

Schumacher was placed in a coma after suffering severe brain trauma when he crashed while skiing off-piste at Meribel.

Hitting a rock, the German's helmet was split in two with investigators now looking to see if the helmet camera he was wearing played a role.

A source close to the investigation told the Daily Mail : "Technically the equipment seems to have all been in good order. But why did the helmet explode on impact?

"The laboratory has been testing to see if the camera weakened the structure."

In other unconfirmed reports, Bild newspaper claims that Schumacher has recovered from pneumonia.

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