Marussia target regular Q2s

Wednesday 19-February-2014 11:12

Marussia Team Principal John Booth believes his team is capable of reaching regular Q2s in 2014.

Since the Banbury team joined Formula One as Team Virgin in 2010, they have only reached Q2 occasionally, particularly when faster cars had reliability problems or adverse conditions leveled the playing field.

Booth, however, believes the 2014 rules changes presents his team with an opportunity to move up the field this year.

"We would love to get into Q2 on a regular basis on performance," Booth told Autosport.

"That has to be the target, but it's not easy.

"There are some very bright people out there in F1 and some big budgets, so we know it's a difficult task but that's our target.

"We are the smallest team but we have pushed for performance as much as we can. It's time for us to take a step forward.

"We took a big step forward percentage wise to the front last year and now it's time to start making up places as well."

Marussia's focus for this week's test in Bahrain will be achieving reliability, although Booth added that some minor adjustments to their Ferrari-powered MR03 will be made this week.

"We will have a few small changes, but nothing major," Booth added.

"We're only 190 people and it was pretty tough getting to Jerez but there is a windtunnel programme happening at the moment and there will be some modifications before Melbourne.

"Last year was a perfect example of how important it was to be reliable and to hit the ground running.

"But in 2013 we were the most reliable team and car in F1 so we are trying to achieve the same."

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