Renault wants teams to push

Thursday 20-February-2014 06:22

Renault have urged their teams to put in the laps on Thursday, believing they are heading in the right direction with their engine.

Formula One returned to the test arena on Wednesday where all 11 teams were in action.

However, that action for the Renault runners was sorely limited.

Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso once again had problems while Lotus, making their 2014 debut, also spent most of the day in the garage.

Between the three teams they completed just 27 laps although Caterham, another Renault-powered team, amassed 68.

But despite another problematic day, Renault's head of track operations Remi Taffin has urged the teams to push hard with the laps.

"We will try to do some longer runs and to be as much as possible on track," he told Autosport.

"We've got plenty to play with and improve on our power unit control which we will do from tomorrow [Thursday] onwards.

"I think we will go out as much as our teams want to.

"Hopefully if we can have a trouble-free day without any hardware problems that will be fine for us."

The Renault man added that this week's outing in Bahrain marks the start of Renault's pre-season as the first test in Jerez was a whitewash for the French manufacturer.

"This is basically our first day of testing. At Jerez we missed quite a lot.

"We tried to put everything together for this first day, which we achieved, in a way, as our expectation.

"We can clearly say that today we could run our power unit as we wanted.

"Obviously it's still not to the level we want but at least we've got a baseline to work on.

"From tomorrow onwards we will be upgrading things and it will be like this until the end of [the second test] next week. We are happy on that side.

"Obviously we also had some problems, which are inevitable. We are on plan but still recovering."

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