Grosjean admits Lotus are behind

Sunday 02-March-2014 06:11

Romain Grosjean fears Lotus could be in for a tough time at the start of this season as they are "not quite yet ready".

Having skipped the opening test at Jerez, Lotus will head to Melbourne with four days less running than their rivals.

Missing those few days has taken its toll on the team as they have been plagued by issues since debuting in Bahrain last week.

And it was more of the same on Saturday, the penultimate day of testing, as an electrical problem and an ERS issue meant Grosjean managed just 33 laps.

"The problem this year is that when you break something it takes between two and three hours to solve the problem," he told ESPN

"So if you have three issues in a day that's the end of the day. It is like this for now and, yes, in terms of preparation we are not quite yet ready.

"There are plenty of things we would like to try and do before we go to Melbourne, but tomorrow's session is only a few hours and we have to try to get on top of as much things as we can.

"It's not going to be perfect for Melbourne, and probably not for Malaysia, but we will do our best and try to do things as good as we can do them to steadily improve everything.

"The list is too long to have ticked everything before Melbourne, and in Melbourne we won't have time to get everything we would like to.

"At the moment this is the situation and the best we can do is take the most serious one, put that right and then finalise the thing. It's not an ideal situation - far from that - and it's not going to be an easy first few races I guess."

Pressed as to what was causing the main issues at Lotus, Grosjean laid the blame on the team's Renault engine and ERS.

"Most of it is related to the power unit. It's quite hard to get the brake-by-wire right and the recovery and release and everything. We have done a few laps where we can see things that are right and see things that are completely wrong. I think the aim is to get the mapping and all these braking and stuff right. If we do manage to get that we can discover a bit more of the potential of the car."

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