'Ferrari behind Merc and Williams'

Monday 03-March-2014 11:05

Stefano Domenicali reckons Mercedes and Williams head to Australia as the teams to beat with Ferrari third in the pecking order.

Ferrari finished behind Mercedes and Williams in last week's Bahrain test, third on both the timesheets and the lap count.

While Fernando Alonso's 1:34.280 was the fastest time of any non-Mercedes or Williams runner, Ferrari's 873 laps also meant they were unable to make inroads into the top two.

Testing, though, has now concluded with the true test set to take place at the next event on the calendar, the season-opening Australian GP.

"The rule changes for this season have been so radical that I'd say to get a consensus you would need further tests before the Championship gets underway," Domenicali said.

"In our case, we are taking a lot of data back home, which we will now analyse in depth.

"Some aspects deserve more attention to achieve the performance level we are looking for, while others maybe just need a bit of fine tuning.

"Once back in Maranello, we will do all in our power to rectify the things that aren't working properly yet, so that we can be as well prepared as possible in Melbourne."

Once in Melbourne, the Ferrari team boss believes Mercedes and Williams could have the edge over the chasing pack but expects it won't be long before other teams begin to make up ground.

"I believe, we could see big changes from the first race to the second and from the second to the third, with everyone bringing in developments all the time.

"At first, reliability will be the key, because without it you don't score points.

"I also think that some teams that are struggling at the moment will be able to catch up, while teams that currently seem to have a slight advantage could see a plateau in their performance, allowing the others to close the gap."

He added: "From what we have seen so far, there are two teams out in front, Mercedes and Williams. After them, it could be us."

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