Russia's night race plans delayed

Saturday 15-March-2014 02:34

Although the Russian GP will go ahead this season, it won't be run at night as initially planned, according to Bernie Ecclestone.

Russia had intended to join Singapore in hosting a night grand prix as it made its Formula One debut this October.

However, after speaking with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Ecclestone says this year's race will be run during the day.

"I was going to get them to light the whole place up but they are going to wait because the next race will be early next year so they want to do a big number," he told the Independent newspaper.

"It's definitely not a night race this year but it will be next year.

"Earlier in the year is a good holiday period for them. That is the reason and I think they have had a lot of nonsense to go through with the Olympics."

The F1 supremo also stated that there was "no danger" that the current unrest in the Ukraine could have an impact on the Sochi event.

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