Horner 'extremely confident' of appeal

Monday 17-March-2014 06:45

Christian Horner is convinced Daniel Ricciardo's runner-up result in the Australian GP will be reinstated as neither the driver nor Red Bull did anything wrong.

Despite facing the pressure of racing at home with World Champions Red Bull Racing, Ricciardo put in a flawless drive on Sunday to claim his first Formula One podium.

However, hours later the Aussie was stripped of his P2.

With his RB10 found to have "consistently" exceeded the fuel flow limit of 100kg/h, the stewards excluded him from the results.

Red Bull, though, insist they did nothing wrong and are set to fight the ruling.

"It is no fault of Daniel. I don't believe it is the fault of the team," Horner told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I believe we have been compliant to the rules.

"I am extremely disappointed, quite surprised... hopefully through the appeal process it will be quite clear that the car has conformed at all times to the regulations.

"We would not be appealing unless we were extremely confident that we have a defendable case."

As for the fuel sensor, which Red Bull were told to change back to the original having initially changed it on Saturday night, Horner says the technology cannot be trust.

This past weekend's grand prix was the first time it had been used in a competitive situation as it is only this year that fuel limit and fuel flow limits have been implemented.

"These fuel flow sensors that have been fitted by the FIA to measure fuel have proved problematic throughout the pit lane, and since their introduction at the start of testing, there have been discrepancies," Horner added.

"That offset we didn't feel was correct, and as we got into the race, we could see there was a significant discrepancy between what the sensor was reading and what the fuel flow, which was the actual injection of fuel into the engine, was stated as.

"That's where there was a difference of opinion. It's immature technology, and it's impossible to rely 100 per cent on that sensor, which had proved to be problematic in almost every session that we've run in."

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