Williams chasing a return to the front

Monday 17-March-2014 10:07

Claire Williams is not only determined to see the Williams legacy survive but she also wants it to thrive.

After far too many lean years, many are expecting Williams to get back in the fight this season with the new Mercedes-powered FW36.

Already, after just one race, the team has scored more than doubled their points tally from 2013.

Valtteri Bottas brought his Williams Martini racer home in fifth place in Sunday's season-opening Australian GP, netting 10 points, five more than the team managed the whole of lat season.

It was a welcome result for the team and what Williams, the deputy team principal, hopes is the start of a revival.

"I would hate for the Williams legacy to fade away," she told The Independent.

"There are stories that it will go the way of Tyrrell. Well, over my dead body. No way. That's not going to happen.

"My dream is to make this a World Championship-winning team again."

Williams, the daughter of team founder Frank Williams, also weighed in on being a female in F1 and argues that it doesn't make any difference in her job.

"Everyone is interested in the female element which is really weird because I've never, ever considered it.

"I grew up in F1, so I've been surrounded by men all my life and am used to that. When I was put into this role I never thought, 'Oh God, will people take me seriously because I'm a woman?'

"I've never really found that it's been more of a challenge doing this role because I'm a girl. I'm just there to do my job. The girl thing just doesn't come into it."

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