Lowdon fears commercial impact

Friday 21-March-2014 09:27

Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon fears F1's commercial value could drop along with the volume of noise.

The introduction of 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines has resulted in a quieter Formula 1 in which spectators applauding can be heard as well as the occasional squealing tyre.

This has not gone down well with some, who feel they are being robbed of one of the backbones of F1.

And although Lowdon does not expect it will have a major impact on TV viewers, he fears for the sponsorship side of the sport.

"The sport's contact with most fans is via television, and the noise doesn't affect that in any way," he told Press Association Sport.

"There was some exciting racing, so in terms of a TV spectacle I don't think the noise impacted on that at all.

"The biggest impact with regard to the noise is in the commercial job we do, with the noise reinforcing Formula One is another world.

"That has always worked to our advantage in the commercial arena, in that people realised there was something very special about F1 when they heard that violent noise.

"In terms of what the fans hear now, it's a noise that has much more texture to it in that they're hearing tyres locking up for the first time and things like that.

"For the fans who were at the circuit on Sunday, there was a new set of things to listen to, so it's much more textural than we've had before.

"But the biggest potential change is that wow factor, which is important.

"Every team up and down this pitlane will be taking very important key decision-makers into the garages, and it's probably that more than anything else where there is an impact."

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