Lauda: Complaints are stupid

Sunday 30-March-2014 08:57

Niki Lauda has hit out at all those criticising the new sound of F1, saying if it's not loud enough turn up the TV.

The 1.6-litre V6 engines made their competitive debut earlier this month in Australia but did not go down well with many.

While Australian GP organiser Ron Walker said the new quieter sound was a breach of contract, F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone also rubbished it.

As for the drivers, some have stayed on the fence while others such as Sebastian Vettel made their opinion very clear with the German calling it "s**t."

Lauda, however, reckons those criticising the sound should either take out their ear plugs or turn up the TV.

"From Day One they have all been saying that the noise of the new Formula One is rubbish," the triple World Champion told The Independent newspaper, "and it was [F1 ringmaster] Bernie [Ecclestone] who started it all. I just don't understand it!

"I don't understand this ridiculous discussion. If people don't like the new noise, take the earplugs out; the television people at home, turn the volume up.

"I just had this meeting with Bernie where he told us all his problems, how no organisers want to continue with F1 . But who are they? Only the guy from Australia who runs their race, Ron Walker. He's upset that he has to pay so much money to get the race there. He uses any excuse, and now says the lack of noise destroys his business.

"But I know that the Melbourne numbers were very good, all the people attending. And [Australian Daniel] Ricciardo was the best thing that could have happened to them from the marketing perspective. So the end result was financially a very good race. And to start this argument about the noise after one single race, I find so stupid and unprofessional, like you don't believe. I hate it.

"It is completely the wrong direction - and the really stupid thing is that we are starting it. If some other people start it, who we can't control, fine. But we do it ourselves and tell the world, and some idiots who don't know anything jump on it. Everybody talks about the noise in a negative way, and it's our own fault. So what I'm saying is, wait four or five races and then we won't worry any more.

"And the most important thing is that we, the Vettels, the Bernies, whoever, should not destroy our own sport by making stupid comments about the fucking noise.

"If Vettel would have had a Mercedes engine and been winning the Melbourne grand prix, he would not complain, even if he doesn't like the noise. In life we can't have everything perfect. We will get used to it."

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