'Vettel should be applauded'

Monday 31-March-2014 10:24

Christian Horner says Sebastian Vettel should be praised for expressing his opinion, even if negative, about the new sound of F1.

The reigning World Champion came in for some stick in Malaysia when he said the new 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines sound "s**t."

Jenson Button told him if he didn't like it he could race elsewhere while Niki Lauda stated that criticism is "stupid" and "unprofessional."

Horner, though, believes there is nothing wrong with voicing an honest opinion.

"No-one's spoken to me about it over the weekend. He should be applauded for saying what he thinks," the Brit told the BBC.

"We live in quite a politically-correct world but part of Red Bull's philosophy, which has sometimes been quite uncomfortable, is to allow the drivers freedom of expression.

"Sebastian has expressed his opinion and I don't think anyone would blame a driver for making an opinion. He's not alone. There are different opinions and he's entitled to his."

Meanwhile, the FIA have denied that Jean Todt warned Vettel about using bad language.

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