RBR: Fuel sensor issues undeniable

Wednesday 02-April-2014 09:01

Christian Horner says the FIA cannot claim that no problems with Formula One's fuel sensors exist after Red Bull suffered another failure at the Malaysia Grand Prix last week.

Two weeks after Daniel Ricciardo, in his Red Bull debut in Australia, was excluded from the race after he breached the sport's fuel flow limit, the sensor on his RB10 broke completely during last week's race at Sepang.

With the sensor that relays fuel flow data to the FIA broken on Ricciardo's Red Bull, the Milton Keynes team used their owns data to illustrate that they are complying with regulations.

Unlike in Australia, where Red Bull's readings differed from those recorded by the fuel flow sensors, the FIA accepted that the reigning Constructors' Champions had no other course of action to take.

"It failed prior to the race," Horner told Autosport ahead of this week's Bahrain Grand Prix.

"We informed the FIA about it and we asked the FIA if we could revive it on the grid by effectively power cycling the car.

"We did that at the start of the race but it didn't come back to life. So, the sensor didn't work the whole race.

"I think it clearly demonstrates that there are issues with these sensors."

Horner added that he has no idea why Red Bull are the only ones that struggled with the sensors to such an extent.

"I've no idea why," he continued.

"Obviously we have a lot of data here to go away and look at.

"Theoretically there should not be a reason, but we need to look and understand it. Everyone else is happy with the sensor apparently.

"But Toro Rosso had two failures earlier in the weekend, and there have been other issues up and down the pitlane.

"They are the only ones we know about. But it certainly isn't unique to Red Bull."

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