Kimi: Rivals in a different league

Monday 07-April-2014 11:27

Kimi Raikkonen says such is Ferrari's lack of speed that he felt as if he was in a a "different class" to his rivals in Bahrain.

With the Mercedes drivers racing off into the distance, Raikkonen and Ferrari had hoped to get involved in the fight for third.

However, a distinct lack of pace meant the Finn was not able to bring his F14T into the mix and he finished tenth to Fernando Alonso's ninth.

"We didn't have the speed overall," Raikkonen lamented.

"We are lacking a bit in a straightline, we are lacking a bit in downforce, but the car is not handling so badly.

"It's not like there is a massive problem in handling, we are just lacking the downforce and the speed and the horsepower.

"But we knew that and we knew it was going to be the most difficult place of the year. We have to see what we can do for the next race."

Such is Ferrari's lack of speed that the Finn stated it was as if he was racing in a different class to his Mercedes-powered rivals.

"One of the Force Indias got me on the exit of Turn 8 and it was like a different class.

"I was surprised, obviously he came out of the pit lane [on new tyres] but I had only done a few laps on my tyres and I carried the corner and he just came inside of me and went past. I had no answer and in the next corner he had massive traction also. So it's not just horsepower.

"With the Red Bulls we seem to be able to keep them behind on the straights more easily and then in the corners they seem to get so close and that means we are lacking a bit of downforce as well as straight-line speed."

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