'Strategy Group against cost cap'

Tuesday 08-April-2014 06:10

Jean Todt has abandoned plans to introduce a cost cap in 2015, saying he cannot as all those in the Strategy Group are against it.

Last year, the FIA announced that they would implement a cost cap in 2015 in a bid to curb the spiralling costs of competing in Formula One.

Those plans, though, have now been scrapped as at least six teams are against the proposal.

Todt revealed that those in F1's new Strategy Group - Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Williams, McLaren, and Lotus - as well as Bernie Ecclestone had all opposed it.

"Most of the teams were in favour of the cost cap, but I understand that all the teams that are part of the Strategy Group are against it now," the FIA President told Autosport.

"So clearly, if the commercial rights holder, and if six teams, which means 12 of 18 are against, I cannot impose it.

"It's mathematics. So in this case, no more cost cap."

The Frenchman, though, is still hoping at least cut some costs through "sporting and technical" rules.

"Am I disappointed?" he continued. "In a way I am disappointed because it may be more difficult to achieve the reduction which I feel is needed.

"But everyone says we are all in favour of reducing the cost, and through sporting and technical regulations."

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