Bernie: Double points unfair on leader

Tuesday 08-April-2014 10:46

He may have pushed for double points in Abu Dhabi but now Bernie Ecclestone says it is "probably not fair" but it is still the right thing to do.

This season, for the first time, Formula One will award double points at the season-ending grand prix in Abu Dhabi.

The new rule was introduced in a bid to keep the Championship alive until the final lap of the season as the race winner will now receive 50 points.

And although Ecclestone pushed for it - and even wanted it extended to include the final three races of the Championship - the F1 supremo now admits it is "probably" unfair on the Championship leader.

"Well I wouldn't have suggested it if I thought it wasn't the right thing to do," Ecclestone told Sky Sports F1.

"But I was concerned that the Championship would still maybe be open with two or three races to go, and then somebody could catch up.

"[It is] probably not fair that somebody's done all that work early on and got so many points and somebody could just pop in and do a couple of races."

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