FIA might reconsider double points

Thursday 10-April-2014 14:09

FIA President Jean Todt has revealed that Formula One's rule makers might have to rethink the controversial double points rule.

Even though the contentious rule that allows for double points to be awarded for the season's final race in Abu Dhabi this year was met with disapproval by many of the sport's fans, the Formula One chiefs declined to change it before the start of the season while the opportunity existed.

While the criticism of the sport this season has mostly been about the noise of the cars, or rather lack thereof, Todt admitted that he had requested the F1 Strategy Group to review the idea during their last sitting.

"To reconsider it we need unanimous agreement, and if we do not get unanimous agreement we cannot change it," Todt told Autosport.

"We had the strategy meeting and I said, 'do you want to reconsider?' The answer was no. Do not ask me who said yes or no. So I said, 'okay we will see at the end of the season what is the reaction'.

"Personally I was surprised to get so much emotion for this thing that I do not feel is a huge change in F1.

"But again we need to listen to that and hopefully we will take that into consideration."

Mercedes non-executive director Niki Lauda, a three-time World Drivers' Champion, is one of many within the sport that believes those in charge of F1 made a mistake by introducing it.

"I think this is a completely wrong decision because it brings into the last race gambling - which nobody wants and nobody cares about," he told Autosport recently.

"There was a time when they were talking about three races [being double points], so thank god it is one.

"I personally think that it is wrong, but this is what we have to face.

"It was a mistake to introduce it, but hopefully next year it will be gone again.

"I am saying this not because I am from Mercedes, but because I am a fan and I am a racing driver.

"If I think in my last race I get a puncture and the other idiot who didn't win anything, blows me off - have we gone mad?"

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