F1 rules should be stricter - Lowe

Friday 11-April-2014 08:55

Mercedes executive director Paddy Lowe believes Formula One's rule makers should enforce harsher penalties on teams that fail to comply with the new fuel regulations, rather than changing the rules to help them.

Lots of discussion about possible rules changes took place during last week's Bahrain Grand Prix, with the main discussion points the possible shortening of races or increasing fuel limits so that all the teams could race at maximum power.

While no rules changes could take place unless they were backed by a unanimous vote, the FIA admitted that some more changes could take place ahead of the 2015 season.

Lowe, however, is of the opinion that instead of changing the rules again, the FIA should enforce the current rules better.

"I don't think that [increased fuel allowance in 2015] makes sense. F1 is about delivering technology, and setting stretched targets," Lowe told Autosport.

"So to back out of it next year is absurd. If anything, the point of F1 would be to stretch it further - and maybe next year it should be 95kg for the race. This was the original concept."

Lowe added that some of the rules changes that have been proposed for next year make no sense to him.

"There have been things talked about in the last few days that are just completely unrealistic, that I cannot even understand," he continued in his interview with Autosport.

"The first suggestion was that we need 110kg of fuel. But has anybody realised that you cannot fit 110kg in these cars? So then they said, let's make the races shorter.

"Can you imagine selling that concept to the public? It would be like we have decided that athletes are not fit enough these days, so the marathon is only going to be 25 miles rather than 26 miles.

"The messaging around that cannot be contemplated. I hope all of that can be put behind us and all this talk of ridiculous fuel saving or whatever stops.

"The degree of fuel saving we had to run in Bahrain, despite the fact these guys were racing from beginning to end, was a completely normal level of fuel saving.

"Racing here last year we had a strategy last year that involved some fuel saving in the race because that is optimal. It was pretty much the same this time.

"I don't know how it is for others. But if they are not finding it in the same place, then it means they haven't got an efficient package. And this formula is about efficiency.

"That is the objective - and if you can deliver you can deliver a good result."

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