Haas 'serious' about Formula 1

Monday 14-April-2014 08:22

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch is backing his team owner Gene Haas to launch an all-out attack on Formula 1.

Last week, the FIA confirmed that Haas, half of the successful NASCAR partnership of Stewart-Haas, had been awarded the 12th place on the 2015 grid.

But as Haas himself said, now the hard work starts.

One person who believes he can pull it off is one of his NASCAR drivers Busch.

"He's serious," Busch told Associated Press..

"You just don't drop $40 million on a wind tunnel and not think that you're serious about racing."

He added: "It will be an incredible challenge. He knows that.

"It's a matter of the fans getting behind it, supporting Gene and trying to give F1 another chance.

"We've had Michael Andretti, before him was his dad. We had Scott Speed as a driver. Now we have an (American) owner.

"It will be interesting to see how the driver line-up shapes up."

Busch, though, has ruled himself out as a possible candidate.

"My time has passed to be a competitive driver in F1," said the 35-year-old.

"But a test session? I'd jump on that every time. They're going to have hard time keeping me out of the shop, from hanging out."

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