Subway considering F1 sponsorship

Monday 14-April-2014 14:03

American sandwich chain Subway could enter F1 as a sponsor of not one but several teams.

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, the American company is considering a "ground-breaking sponsorship deal with Formula One which could see several of the sport's teams and superstar drivers teaming up to promote the brand."

Subway's Chief Marketing Officer has already met with F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, revealed Zak Brown, the chief executive of JMI who deal with Subway's motorsport sponsorship.

"I took the Subway Chief Marketing Officer to meet Bernie in Montreal last year, and I would say they have been exploring it for a year," Brown told the newspaper.

"They are all about the consumer, they are massive media buyers so they would look at a sport and see if it stacks up from a media point of view and Formula One does."

He added that a multi-focus is "not rocket science but people just haven't done it.

"If you look at their NASCAR strategy, they sponsor a team, an event and a driver but they use the driver as the centrepiece so I can see Subway being a global partner of F1 as well as sponsoring four to six drivers in different teams and using them collectively."

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