Chilton worried points have gone by

Friday 18-April-2014 09:20

Max Chilton is worried that Marussia's chances of securing points have disappeared after failing to do so in the opening three races.

Marussia went into this year's Championship intent on taking advantage of any upheaval caused by the new regulations.

However, to date the team's best results are two P13 bot of which Chilton achieved.

"We always knew the first three or four races would be crucial, so we just have to keep on our toes," he said.

"But there's no hiding, we definitely need some attrition in a race to get that 10th place.

"We're not going to get it on raw pace this year. That is going to be a big ask. Maybe next year we might.

"We're going to need some people to have a few issues, but there are definitely races still open where that could happen.

"I just hope we're in the right position to take advantage of that, but for now we're happy, and it's nice for me to get both of those 13th places for the team."

Pressed as to where an opportunity to score a point or two could still rest, he added: "At Singapore there is always a chance because it's a long race, a lot of walls and accidents.

"Then there are circuits where the weather could come into play, but you really never know what can happen.

"I would never have expected what happened at Bahrain, which is such a big, open track and is massively wide and there had only been one Safety Car previously."

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