Magnussen: My dad is a distraction

Monday 21-April-2014 12:31

McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen has admitted that his father's presence at the various Formula One circuits is something of a distraction for him.

Jan Magnussen, a former F1 driver himself, missed the season-opener in Australia where his son finished in second place on his McLaren debut because he was taking part in an event himself.

"Being 6000 miles away watching the race was not a lot of fun," the 40-year-old Magnussen Sr. said.

"I do not want to do that too often.

"Now Kevin is in Formula One I've thought a lot about how long my career will go on.

"I've got to decide whether I can focus on what I'm doing or whether I'd rather be with Kevin."

Since the race in Australia, though, Magnussen Sr. has been present throughout and watched from the stands as both McLaren and his son failed to replicate their Australia form in Malaysia, Bahrain or China.

After last weekend's race in Shanghai, where both McLarens finished outside of the points scoring positions, Kevin has revealed that he would prefer it if his father didn't follow him around the world.

"I'm quite happy to be alone. For the reason that if I have family round I feel a distraction," he told the Guardian when asked about his relationship with his father."

He added that he enjoys talking about racing to his father, but added that "it's not a help at the race."

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