Brundle warns again 'Scalextric cars'

Sunday 27-April-2014 12:23

Martin Brundle has urged F1 to ditch a proposal to return to active suspension as he feels F1 will become "like Scalextric cars."

Formula One dropped the active suspension at the end of 1993 in a wide-sweeping ban on electronics that including doing away with traction control and ABS.

However, there is now a proposal on the table from F1's Strategy Group that includes the re-introduction of active suspension.

Brundle, however, has warned against it.

He told Autosport: "The concept of that and 18 inch wheel rims [also being considered for 2017] means you start again on your suspension as well as aero, because a lot of your suspension travel is in the sidewall of the tyre with a [current] 13 inch wheel rim.

"If you go to 18 inches you've got to put a huge amount more compliance in your suspension.

"It's a dream for the aerodynamicists. My concern would be that we'd go back to cars that look like Scalextric cars - glued to the track."

And although Mercedes' technical chief Paddy Lowe believes bringing back active suspension would not increase costs, Brundle believes otherwise.

"It's the best of everything - kerb control, ride control, bumps, aero - you just fly the car at the perfect angle," he said.

"How the hell it would save any money I don't know because you'd have to start over again.

"You'd have to completely redesign your car I would have thought, given that huge advantage.

"Paddy obviously knows a million times better than I do on that sort of thing, but I'd have thought it would just open up a whole new avenue of development and opportunity.

"The cars might follow each other better from getting more downforce from the underfloor than the upper surfaces.

"But I can't see it being anything other than hugely expensive."

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