Todt powerless after cost cap veto

Wednesday 07-May-2014 08:17

FIA President Jean Todt claims that there is nothing he can do about it after the Formula One's most powerful teams vetoed the move to a budget cap for next season.

While it has been suggested that Todt could have found a way to force all the teams to accept cost-cutting measures, the Frenchman told Italian publication Autosprint that he simply doesn't have the authority to interfere with the process for approving new rules.

"First, I do not have the power to change the regulations," Todt told Autosprint.

"And if I did, perhaps by doing what (Ferrari president Luca) di Montezemolo desired, can you imagine what the reaction would be?

"My job is to ensure the sport is administered in the right way. Then, as we know, discontent was expressed, but as so often happens, those who complain are much louder than those who are satisfied.

"This is a world of competition, where those who do not win usually complain.

"It has been like that forever.

"But this year there is a new decision-making body, the Strategy Group."

Todt wanted the Strategy Group - which consists of Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Lotus and Williams - to adhere to the suggested budget cap rules they provisionally accepted earlier - but instead they vetoed the suggested changes.

"I am convinced that F1 is far too expensive, and that something should absolutely be done," Todt added.

"But for us, as the governing body, we have more or less zero influence as to the costs.

"But I feel that we do have a responsibility to intervene in this environment, because the bigger teams are taking the lion's share of sponsorships.

"I did not believe that we could control costs with a cap," the former Ferrari boss admitted, "but I told the teams 'If you show that it is feasible, I'll be happy to impose a limit'.

"Most of the teams had agreed, but now I do not understand why the six members of the Strategy Group are opposed.

"Am I disappointed? Yes, in a sense I am, because now it will be more difficult to achieve the reduction goal. We will have to do it through the technical and sporting regulations."

The FIA boss added that the governing body has already compiled a "dossier" with several different proposals that will "reduce the gap between the large and small teams".

"We need to start something already in 2015, through the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission. Overall we have 18 votes, so if there are nine or more then it will work. Otherwise it will not (pass)."

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